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The first store to specialize in luxury products from Germany.

The supplier Taste Lux specializes in top products in the luxury segment ‘Made in Germany’.

In its new Berlin flagship store, the company presents products from the areas of indulgence, fashion and accessories that cannot be bought anywhere else in such a concentrated form. This includes, for example, the most expensive albino caviar in the world. It comes from Germany and costs more than 62,000 euros per kilo. Discerning customers who are looking for a very special gift or want to reward themselves will get their money’s worth here.

The new flagship store in the arcades of Berlin’s Intercontinental Hotel is a real highlight in Berlin’s diplomatic quarter. The store is well received and particularly frequented by guests from the surrounding five-star hotels and embassies – often discreetly by appointment.

For its Berlin store, for example, Taste Lux has acquired the exclusive distribution rights to the new luxury brand Sekrè. The company produces women’s handbags in strictly limited, very small editions, which contain original fragments of handwritten letters from world-famous personalities (e.g. Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly, Queen Victoria or Charles Dickens). Mind you, these fragments are originals and not copies!

This makes the bags coveted unique pieces and collector’s items.

They are in a price range between approx. 3,000 and 10,000 euros. For a number of customers, they already have the potential to become a genuine investment with attractive earnings growth.

Other luxury highlights are also on offer. This includes, for example, individual leather goods and clothing that customers can help design themselves if they wish. The unique pieces are made in German manufactories and fine sewing workshops using traditional craftsmanship.

Celebrities from all over the world (including Lady Gaga, Justin Biber, Pharrell Williams, David Garrett, Kai Ebel) have exclusive jackets and coats made at Taste Lux – some of them for their stage appearances. Such custom-made products can cost the equivalent of a luxury limousine.

To satisfy its discerning customers, the Taste Lux team travels all over the world to take personal measurements. Customers are personally advised and supported on site by CEO Jürgen Beckl and his head designer Karla Marquardt. In addition to a variety of unusual materials and designs, customers can also choose between the typical Taste Lux buttons in sterling silver, gold or platinum.

In addition to the custom-made products, there is of course also a Taste Lux basic range. Here you will find unique pieces made from rare types of leather, in many colors and unusual cuts. Current fashion trends only play a subordinate role. Sustainability and durability, on the other hand, are particularly in demand in this category.

Another highlight are the masterpieces by shoe artist Kay Gundlack from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The manufactory specializes in individual, custom-made shoes with perfectly fitted orthopaedic footbeds. The customer list also includes many famous stars, athletes and artists. Here, too, customers have the opportunity to help shape the shoe design themselves.

The Taste Lux range also includes luxury foods.

In addition to rare magnum bottles from VDP wineries and a German premium sparkling wine with 22 carat gold flakes, the most exclusive and expensive caviar in the world is on offer: White caviar, also known as albino caviar. It used to be reserved only for the Russian tsars and the Shah of Persia. ‘Ordinary mortals’ were strictly forbidden to consume this special delicacy under the highest penalty.

Albino sturgeons specially bred for Taste Lux provide this extremely rare specialty. The fish are reared in a natural process without any antibiotics in a species-appropriate way. They come from a farm in the Rhön, where the fish thrive in the purest spring water.

Taste Lux has specifically geared its range to the booming luxury market. The ever more discerning and wealthy clientele is increasingly demanding exclusive one-off pieces that are not available ‘on every corner’. This is the perfect way to showcase your own personality and emphasize your individual style.

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