Hand-picked albino caviar

Discover the exclusive albino caviar, the most expensive delicacy in the world, at tastelux.de. Originating from rare albino sterlet sturgeons, only around 12 kg are harvested in Europe each year. This cream-colored caviar is produced using the traditional Malossol method and is offered in Germany by a renowned caviar farm with CITES certification.

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The world’s most expensive delicacy is now also available at tastelux.de. An exceptional and special delicacy: the albino caviar comes from the albino sterlet, which is highly sought after due to its rarity. only around 12 kilograms of albino caviar are harvested in Europe every year. The color of the grain is also a unique selling point. The white to cream-colored caviar is produced using the traditional Malossol method. The special method of production with meticulous cleaning of the albino caviar, the special salting, hand-picked and cleaned with tweezers differs from that of black caviar. Gourmets particularly appreciate the consistency and taste of this albino caviar. This special breed of sturgeon is bred for Tastelux.de in Germany and traditionally processed using old German craftsmanship. We can also supply this outstanding special product in a genuine 24 carat gold tin. Attention: This caviar used to be reserved only for the Tsar and the Shah !!! Now also available from us.

The exclusive caviar comes from Germany’s best caviar farm with CITES certification.

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