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Tastelux Triplekorn, matured for six years, is based on starchy Vogelsberg wheat. 47-fold distillation, Limousin oak, Martinique rum and Sherry Oloroso cask maturation give the grain a deep, varied richness of flavor with pronounced complexity and elegance.

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The Tastelux Triplekorn is a noble grain matured for six years in wooden barrels. The best wheat from the Vogelsberg region, which is particularly starchy and thus forms the basis for a particularly pure grain spirit, is used as the raw material. The grain is distilled 47 times in a column still. It is then matured in Limousin oak barrels, then in Martinique rum barrels and finally in sherry Oloroso barrels for a total of 6 years. The Triplekorn impresses with its distinctive depth and diversity of flavor.

The Tastelux Triplekorn is a high-quality and elaborately produced noble grain with an interesting maturation in various wooden barrels. Here are some aspects that emerge from the description:

  1. Raw material and origin:
    • The best wheat from the Vogelsberg region, which is particularly starchy, is used. The choice of a high-quality raw material often makes a decisive contribution to the taste of the end product.
  2. Distillation:
    • The grain is distilled on a column still, which indicates a precise and controlled distillation method. The 47-fold distillation could indicate a high degree of purity and fine-tuning of the end product.
  3. Maturation in various barrels:
    • The six-year maturation process is relatively long and can contribute to a complex aroma development.
    • The use of Limousin oak barrels, rum barrels from Martinique and Sherry Oloroso barrels brings different flavor nuances to the final product. Limousin oak can often contribute vanilla and woody flavors, while rum casks might provide sweet and fruity notes and sherry oloroso casks complex, nutty flavors.
  4. Flavor profile:
    • The triple grain is described as having a deep and varied taste. The combination of the different barrels and the six-year maturation could lead to a balanced blend of flavors.

It is likely that lovers of fine grains and spirits with complex flavor profiles might appreciate the Tastelux Triplekorn.

The Triplekorn is limited to 888 bottles


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