SEKRÈ handbag “Viva Victoria No.1” (Queen Victoria)


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Handbag with original inscription from Queen Victoria

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The handbag edition “Viva Victoria No. 1” with a handwritten letter from Queen Victoria of England was handmade in a limited worldwide edition of SEKRÈ mystery bags of only 33 pieces in Germany. Each pocket of this edition contains an original part of a letter from the monarch dated November 1855 in a hidden place. We cut up this rare artifact under notarial supervision, secured the individual pieces in acrylic panels and incorporated them into our handbags. Each bag is accompanied by a glossy photo of the complete document.

The artifact: Viva Victoria No.1

As the mother of the country, Victoria was involved in many political and social issues and also showed a keen interest in military policy. Henry Lord Harbinge was commander-in-chief of the British army during the Crimean War. In her letter of November 26, 1855, the Queen praised the Field Marshal for his excellent reports from the front, which she had read with great interest.

About the bag itself:

Top product of German craftsmanship manufactured in 142 steps

  • Top zipper opening
  • 3 main compartments, including 1 large inner compartment with zipper; 1 additional zippered compartment for wallet and ID cards,
    1 open pocket for cell phone
  • 2 handles with a grip height of 11 cm each

Precious materials: Every SEKRÈ bag is made from the finest cowhide leather, which is also used in an English luxury car brand. To emphasize the high value, we have the logo plate on the clasp made of solid sterling silver (925 fineness) and polished by hand in a silver manufactory. Each silver plate is marked with a hallmark.

Handmade in Germany: Many bag manufacturers, even premium brands, have their products produced in the Far East for cost reasons. Often only the name is authentic. SEKRÈ has its bags produced by hand in Germany. This is significantly more expensive, but also more honest. It also ensures that we have decades of craftsmanship expertise and outstanding quality – ‘Made in Germany’.

Timeless design: Our bags are presented in classic shapes and colors. This means they can be worn for many years, regardless of current fashion trends. After all, anyone who buys a luxury handbag wants to enjoy it for a long time. SEKRÈ will remain true to this line with future models for various occasions.

Care tips: So that you can enjoy your SEKRÈ mystery bag for a long time, you will find care tips from the manufacturer here.

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Queen Victoria


Handwritten letter from 1855


Viva Victoria No.1

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33 Bags

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May 2019

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36 x 25 x 12 cm


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